Harmony - self bondage at home

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Gorgeous Harmony returns for more devicebondage very powerful bondage orgasms: "A tight nose clamp with an attached weight is the icing on the cake, raising her discomfort and humiliation to an unbearable level just below her breaking point. She suffers through all of it, desperately wishing the time would move by faster, but Cyd makes sure she experiences every agonizing moment, allowing her only a few orgasms to give her any relief

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The small, square iron box which sat near the whipping pole, and thrust her within. Losing at Alyssa and she is totally worn out from cumming by the time youve finished tying both girls, the first girl you tied is ready to prove she deserves the ranking she as achieved.

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Always hot Daniel starring in a femdom gallery of the kind that not to be missed! Penny uses her cheeky dominance to torture and torment a slave.

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Favorite Daniel suffers through one of the most intensive meninpain shoots: "Penny Flame uses her sexy, cheeky dominance to torture and torment her little slave. She wastes no time using his body and face to please her every need - stretching his nipples and cock with twine as taunt as harp strings, fucking his face, and finishing with an ass pounding while he dangles helplessly in a suspended hog

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Kayden Faye video clips - cunt torture

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She manages to endure being strapped into a tight frog tie, with a nose clamp pulling her nostrils up and forcing her neck back. The position itself she can take...but as the tiny, sharp, vicious little black clamps are applied to the tender skin on either side of her neck, she cannot bear and finally breaks

Devicebondage presents a bondage gallery of the kind that not to be missed! Kayden Faye is caned and broken in a severe BDSM session...

Amie bondage videos - young teens bondage

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hot Amie acts like no other in devicebondage interactive style of bondage: "When Amie comes in I said TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES AND HERE PRESS UP AGAINST THESE HUGE TIT SPIKES and she's like SurefinewhateverItsyourmoney and I said HAHAHA I BET THAT HURTS BITCH and she's like Umnotreally and I said OH...WELL I GUESS I HAVE TO MAKE THEM SHARPER NEXT TIME SO

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"Melissa Lauren was not completely satisfied with her last time, so she returned demanding to be dominated harder. Harmony was more than happy to punish and fuck this craving painslut."

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Tied slave dunking: "Julie Night is stripped, chained to a wall, and whipped while she performs grueling manual labors to test both her determination to train and her ability to maintain focus. Then her ability to orgasm under duress and time constraints is tested, and her potential as a cock sucker is determined, while her face is sprayed with semen, leaving her hungry for something hard in her pu

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Sarah Jane Ceylon - slave action

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"She endures multiple nipple clamps , a harsh stinging rubber flogger and the single tail from Claire Adams. She gets the ass hook, forced orgasms and punishment from clamps and leather paddle."

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"This is a great match up. Lots of slack in the feet so that I still had some movement. She discovers the special delivery - a box of bondage gear. Malia is arrested and handcuffed by undercover cop, Heaven. Her onto her back."

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