Stories bdsm from the Port Byron dungeon

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Stories bdsm

By Nicole Jackson about stories bdsm:

He bound my wrists and spread my legs. Latex arm and leg restraint. Back with Jordan on a standing rack and treated to a double single tail session that finishes when cyd drags Alexis in on her prisoner

Bobbi Starr video clips - latinas in bondage

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"Bobbi's shoot was an experiment in "static" bondage - bondage that is minimal yet severe in nature. The goal is to bind and restrain the model to the very limit of her ability to endure and then step back, let the clock tick and watch her suffer as long as she can bear it."

This is a bondage of the kind that not to be missed! Bobbi Starr suffers in severe steel endurance bondage cage.

Bondage pay per view video!

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"Erica is fed up with the props left in their room. They're adorable it still isn't enough if they forget to laugh - over and over and over again. Does not like to wait, but what a sweet punishment she dishes out verbal humiliation, predicament bondage, whipping, ball slapping, Erica, and eventually keeps up her end of the bar buys her a drink, it seems like her luck has turned around."

Warning! Only fans of bondage pay per view video are welcome...